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Overseas engineering
Provide high quality products for national construction.
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The company has international trade talents who are proficient in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Arabic and other countries and regions. In the operation and sales, the company pays attention to the international market and grasps the trend of international steel. . Through continuous exploration, the company continuously absorbs outstanding talents, draws on advanced management experience and sales methods, boldly tries and boldly innovates, and becomes one of the earliest international trade enterprises in Anshan to “go global” to actively develop foreign customer resources, in a short period of time. In the past few years, the company's products have been widely sold in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Britain, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Sudan, Egypt, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile. More than 60 countries and regions such as Argentina and Australia.